Mon 19 - Sun 25 Oct 2020

Kaiwhanga Kauhau, National Library Wellington Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand Map

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Kohacon runs for 7 days, starting with 3 days of single-track conference.

19 - 21 October - Conference Papers

The first three days of Kohacon is a single-track conference - this will be held in the beautiful Kaiwhanga Kauhau, the purpose-built auditorium at the National Library of New Zealand.

22 October - Cultural Day

Cultural day is a chance for visitors to Wellington to see and do a few things that are special to Wellington and the New Zealand library community. It’s also an excellent chance to get to know each other better before we work together in the coming days.

23 - 25 October - Workshops and doing!

On 23 October there will be opportunity to teach, learn or improve a skill that will enable us to make the Koha project even stronger.

On 24-25 October we will work together on planning and doing some things to improve Koha.

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